Towards A Civilizatory Narrative

Our main goal is to reach a common agreement with as many beings as possible about the content of the Domain ‘Civilization.Earth’. We understand the domain in the context of a literal internet, aspiring its literal interpretation. As such this domain should contain examples, proof and history about the human civilization on earth.

The content of Civilization.Earth is supposed to be free of nationalistic, economic or ideologic influence of any kind. The cultural heritage of humanity can only be seen in the global context of a species which was not yet able to reach global peace and a collective maturity. We identify a coherent and explicit self-reference as a civilization as a possible root to initiate a multilayer multilateral discussion how United Nations, Nations, Organizations, Corporates and most of all, human individuals can find a common ground.

From a gamified perspective one might understand this domains intention to produce a digital narrative about the human species. It has to be a concept of ‘We’ as humanity which we can share in good conscience with the future and present. This domain is intended to show a digital footprint you would be proud of, containing your very voice if you like. What could depict the uniqueness and diversity of human life so that you can identify with it? What would you be interested in finding out about other civilizations? This narrative stems from an author who wants to loose their influence as an author and paas on all control about this domain to the human organization. But ‘the’ human organization must be actively embracing every human being individual and overarch any economic interests, political cooperation and previous organization model.

We want to trigger and motivate a global decentral government domain which represents a responsibility-based taskforce open to everyone to find a way for reconnecting and inviting at least 8 billion complex individuals for a co-created continuous digital ecosystem to impact on our common future towards an ethical, cooperative and sustainable collective leadership.

Humanity is sending a stream of information into space right now and since years through satellites and photons. We leave a digital echo and footprint of our lives bekind, through the image of media and actions on our planet. The echos of our current systems and digital world are riddled with pain, spam and hatred and the collective trauma of unprepared and sudden globalization. We want a free, cultural and aware representation of earth in the information domain – as a planet inhabited by an evolutionary and life-friendly species. To form this narrative, we aspire a responsible perspective on our future heritage and the way we shape earth for the generations to come after us.

Without any further context, we hope for your feedback ( and/or cooperation to improve this wording, layout and everything around it – to eventually pass on the current individual ownership and control of this domain to the structure we yet lack: an unconditional organization of natures intelligence.

See foundation for other associated models and approaches.