This is a placeholder domain for that what any visitor in cooperation with any other visitor wants to see developing here. We are currently in a very early stage of system build and appreciate support of any type.

Please check our current approach

And keep in mind that:

The Interlink project launched at 28th of August 2020, starting from almost scratch and all texts were written by Dominic. He received support and funding only by friends and family. If you think that the team could have done better since this date, please represent humanity better and introduce your energy, idea, access. The plan to save the world has an official starting date, it is up to you when the interlink plan deserves recognition as such, as we chose the word consciously to avoid branding or biased name-framing. That is what the literal internet is about.

This domain is the following challenge: Can humanity self-organize around the two words Civilization and Earth to construct its content with reference to the Human species? Can you engage in a progress to open the domain to the entire human population? Can you engage in sharing the concept so the launch at 28th August 2020 wont have a large discrepancy to a global peer-review and collective approach to it? For all legal references refer to